Where children are safe in their families and feel loved they must stay – and families must be given support together, to nurture that love and overcome the difficulties that get in the way.

What we are going to do:


Glasgow’s families will have the support that they need, at the time that they need it.

Keeping families together

We will always think “What would it take to keep this family together?” and our Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) and Intensive Family Support teams will do what they can to keep children and young people living at home, or with people that they know and are important to them.

Keeping in touch

When young people move on from our children’s houses – either to their families or to their own accommodation- our carers will keep in touch often to see how they are getting on and if they need any help.


Family and people important to children and young people will be welcome in our children’s houses.

Parenting assessments

We will start the Glasgow Parenting Assessment with parents as soon as we are caring for their children. This can either keep going or to be given to FACS (Family Assessment Contact Serviceor GIFT (Glasgow Infant and Family Teamwhen they are ready to support the family.

Assessed contact v family time

We know that assessed contact where a safe adult needs to be there when parents and children have time together, is different from family time where brothers and sisters want to be with one another and their parents doing normal family fun things. We will make sure that if we need to make decisions about this we will think about both, and not just contact.

Continuity of doctors and nurses

We will try to make sure that the same doctors and nurses are responsible for whole family groups when they use our service.

Support for learning/mental health

We will work together to make sure that children and young people get the right help and support for their learning and mental health. We don’t want to give people a label – we want them to get the right support.

Tailored support for families

We will work alongside families and respect that they are the experts of their own situation. No two families are the same, and we will change how we support people to fit what they need.

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