Children, young people, families and the workforce must be supported by a system that is there when it is needed. The scaffolding of help, support and accountability must be ready and responsive when it is required.

What we are going to do:

Tell us

We need to keep Glasgow’s families involved in telling us what support is working well for them and their communities, and what could be better.


We will make sure that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) are included in all plans and services that support our children and young people with care experience. 

Housing supports

We will work together with adult services and housing providers to make sure that our young people do not experience difficulty when they are trying to find a house or need support.

Mental health support

Our children and young people will get help with their mental health when they need it. They will not need to wait a long time for someone from our specialist teams to support them.


We know that education in a school building doesn’t suit all of children and young people. We will find different ways to suit the needs of different pupils. We will have a Virtual School in Glasgow. This is a new way of caring for the educational needs of our children and young people whether they live in Glasgow, our outwith the city. We will support our schools to become Community Hubs – where families are welcome and meet other families and get support if they need it. Our children and young people will not face unnecessary barriers to education because of their immigration status.


Our services will give families the help that they need, at the time that they need it and in their own communities. Our Intensive Services, Intensive Family Support Service and Third Sector Family Support Services will keep working together to make sure that we are doing all that we can to support families to stay together and living within their own communities.

Returning home

We will provide lots of support to children and young people who are care experienced and returning home to their families – we want to make sure that this works for them.

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